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Barcode Scanner Used in Express and Post Office


With the rapid development of economy, the logistics industries have gone to an unprecedented competition. As the market demands and customers’ requirements are becoming more and more diversified and individualized, better optimized platforms integrating high technologies are needed to improve the workflows. The automatic identification technologies are one of most efficient methods to collect, identify and save various data into computers. This solution illustrates how the handheld data terminals are utilized to work with computers to realize real-time data collection and transmission, and hence strengthen the workflow efficiency on an integrated logistics information processing platform.

System Outline

Our C5000 series handhelds integrate barcode scanning industrial PDA and GPRS technologies, which help shipping companies provide rapid and considerate services to clients. Accurate tracking, analyzing, real-time monitoring and management of staff – all of these are the key factors to establishing a good logistics company/freight forwarder.

With the Internet and high technologies, including barcode scanning, SMS text messages and GPRS, we can improve the services, accuracy and manage costs for the companies in this industry.

System Structure

  • Barcode identification on express waybillsPrint waybills out with barcode
    label printers to identify every single shipment for easy tracking and inquiry.
  • Data collection and transmission of express flow
    Use our C5000 series to collect express mail information via bar code scanning and send it to back-end relevant platforms via wireless GPRS network.
  • Information platform value-added services
    Summarize, manage and assign information on information platforms to provide express companies and their clients with value-added services, realizing real-time computing and adding advantages to the fierce competition in this industry.
  • These 3 functions to realize:
    Collecting cargos door-to-door
    Uploading staff ID automatically
    Collecting bar code information easily
    Onsite status confirmation
    Reading parcel waybill No. automatically
    Signing when receiving more easily
    Monitoring dispatching flow
    Other practical function modules can be embedded.

The advanced automated equipment and technologies in the express industry along with optimized information systems and back-ends can help to improve work efficiency and minor errors caused manually. Customized software embedded in the platforms provides resourceful data for management and hence enhance the accuracy and efficiency in data collecting and mail dispatching.

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