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Customer management

Software's principal functions:



* Manage, decentralize and follow user in the system.

* Back up, restore data and keep the sytem stable and safe.

* Establish primary information on the system's configuration..

* Establish password.

* …


* Manage list of customers, customer's category and branch of work, etc…

* List of customer source.

* List of situation, purpose

* …


* Manage work schedule, call, appoitement and remark.

* Customer and representative management.

* Management of Products, sales opportunities, purchase order placement.

* Purchse order and contract management.

* Customer management.

* ERP system connetion (other subsystems of inventory management and sales management, etc)

* Undertake marketing program such as Email or seding SMS to customer.

* ...


* Deliver report on sales revenue.

* Deliver report on work progress.

* Deliver report on status and synthesize contract.

* Deliver report on sales opportunities.

* Deliver report on employees operational status.

* …

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