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Data collector by real-time

One very important application of the AutoID field is applied in the inspection and distribution. Previously, warehouse management system was developed with acommon way that the employee use of scanners and data centers connected bycable and upload the data into the system. Today, meet the growing needs, howold will take up time and asynchronous data. These companies tend to be moreclosely connected than their affiliates worldwide.

Responding to new demands, the company  Duyen Khang Co., Ltd . provides warehouse management solutions in real time to customers aspiring to a management leveloffers Vietnamese. In a closed system wireless coverage within the enterprise,data gathered from the workshop are transmitted directly to the central processingsystem, which are fast data processing at the level for whole system and linkglobally.
System requirements include:

- Wifi system (Access point, the access port, switch, connected mesh)
- Equipment inventory (barcode reader function)
- Software used to scan and transmit data in real time
- Located on the server software used to collect data

The level of implementation of this system depends on the terrain warehouse,infrastructure construction of the client, application level of the product. For optimalinvestment solutions company  Duyen Khang Co., Ltd . is pleased to be working withcustomers for specific projects.

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