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Direct Store Delivery

Optimize the delivery of perishable and high-turnover products from suppliers and manufacturers direct to your stores.

Understanding the benefits of Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is as simple as a trip down the bread aisle of any supermarket. As with any perishable or high-turnover product, it makes sense that many loaves of bread should arrive direct from the bakery to the store shelf, bypassing distribution centers and warehousing minimizing the number of days in the supply chain. Direct Store Delivery is efficient, economical, and ensures that products are fresh and consistently in stock. 

Until now, as the bread truck rolled up to the supermarket back door, a clipboard and calculator were the only tools on hand to ensure that what arrived matched that which was ordered. Such old-fashioned methodology has significantly hurt retailers’ profits, by incurring unnecessary costs associated with accounting labor, pricing inaccuracies, and inventory discrepancies. Proper management technology is a critical, if retailers want to take full advantage of DSD. With Aldata Direct Store Delivery (DSD), that technology is now available, providing a solution to standardize data from the point that merchandise arrives at a store's back door to the moment that invoices are reconciled by corporate accountants.

For retailers and vendors alike, Direct Store Delivery is a win-win opportunity.

  • For retailers, the benefits are clear. Products are delivered and merchandised by the vendor, saving retailers valuable labor costs.
  • For vendors, DSD allows them to have a direct hand in the display and stocking of their merchandise. The advantages of DSD extend to the consumer as well. Merchandise is fresh. Availability is consistent.
  • Aldata DSD is a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy solution that allows businesse to seamlessly authorize assortments, place and manage orders, receive inventory with minimal effort, accurately reconcile invoices, and report on vendor performance

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