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  •      Make recruitment plan.
  •      Monitor submission and interview procedure...
  •      Follow recruitment results.
  •      Automatically notify recruitment results via email.
  •      Automatically convert candidate's information into a staff one.


     Contract monitor :

  •     Follow internship, probation, official and day-work contract.
  •     Warn of contract expiration and extension.
  •     Follow quitting process and contract suspension.


     Human resources profile:

  •      Mange mobile human resources field (customer's demand accordingly).
  •      Standard profile form (based on C2 format regulated by the state).
  •      Detailed information about family relations.
  •      Detailed information on professional, language level, politics and computing.



  •      Make training plan.
  •      Follow training plan.
  •      Follow training funds.
  •      Comprehensive report for the whole year.


     Work schedule:

  •      Follow the work schedule of overseas and domestic staffs.
  •      Staff allocation process.



  •      Monitor the social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for employees.
  •      Monitor the vacation, maternity leave, sickness, maternity, and sanatorium.
  •      Some forms following to the state regulations.


     Comment and assessment:

  •      Allow dynamic establishment of assessment criteria.
  •      Categorize assessment objects.
  •      Establish assessment period by week, month, quarter and year.
  •      Based on results automatically transfer personels into salary raise, salary deduction and upgrade field.



  •       Report on human resource statistics.
  •       Report on recruitment procedure.
  •       Report on Training and work schedule process.
  •       Assessment chart.
  •       Further reports….


2. PAYMENT      

     Classify salary:     

      - Establish salary by object accordingly:

  •       Administrative staff.
  •       Officier.
  •       Production
  •       Day-work salary.
  •       Piece wages.


     Manage other income and expenditure sources:

  •       Other income a part from salary .
  •       Other unexpected and periodical reward.
  •       Other income a part from salary .
  •       Deduction for taxation, social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance.



  •       General payroll.
  •       Detailed payroll
  •       Leader's payroll and employee's payroll
  •       Payment sheet
  •       Further reports



     Integrated timekeeping

  •       Enable to synchronously integrate with some timekeeper (K-300, etc)Enable
  •       Enable to asynchronously integrate with current timekeeper



  •       Establish shift (unlimited quantity)
  •       Design  working timetable
  •       Declare working regime
  •       Import, Export integrated with Excel



  •       General payroll
  •       Detailed payroll
  •       List of late come and early leave
  •       Further report 



     Sytem's catalogue:

  •       Manage system's catalogue
  •       Establish the system parameters.
  •       Set up configuration for the system operation

    Confidetiality, decentralization:

  •       Establish groups of rights.
  •       Decentralize user's rights based on separate function and department.


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