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Inventory Management

Software's principal functions:

* Manage, decentralize and monitor user within the system.

* BManage, decentralize and monitor user within the system.

* Establish opening balance

* Set up password

* .....

* Manage catalogue of goods, customer, distributor, category and goods range, etc

* Manage calculation unit, sell – by date, selling price

* Manage customer's information

* Manage information of staff, depertment

* ...

* Manage export, import and inventory

* Stock removal business

* Assembling business

* Goods journal

* ...

* Synchronizedly report the quantity of exporting, importing and stock.

* Give warning of expired stock, stock arranged in products categories or purchase order

* Draw up comprehensive report on stock.

* Anticipate stock arranged in items categories and in goods, etc…

* Give a detailed report on materials, devices,products and goods, etc…

* Draw up report on stock card

* ...

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