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Sales Management Software

Goods management

  • Goods management by using barcode – Flexibly use available barcodes provoded by suppliers.
  • Give timely support for barcode printing – Give support for printing barcodes on both laser printer and specialized barcode printers.
  • Give support for PLU barcode management of electric balance used for fresh items.
  • Be well equipped with all flexible inventory management functionalities including:importing, shipping, returning goods, inventorty balance, internal transportation, etc...


  • Support for inventory and give deliever report on inventory state compared with statistics.
  • Give support for inventory by using specialized equipment – Give support for all equipments such as: Cipherlab, Metrologic, Topcon, etc...

Purchase order

  • Place purchase order based on minimum stock of items category.
  • Manage purchase order in connection with suppliers.

Retail –POS

  • Convinient operation, give full support for cashier. Ensure the tight cashing process.
  • Allow invoice printing for all types of specialized bill printers such as: Epson, Samsung, Star, etc...
  • Provide adequate retail functionalities such as discount, promotion, returning goods, items information search, temporary invoice storage, etc...
  • Manage loyal customer: point accumulation, turnover, discount, etc...
  • Be capable of managing several pont of sales with many cashiers in each point of sale.
  • Collect data from point of sale and transfer to mobile center by different ways including copying files, via RTP or via VPN.

Receipt and payment – Liabilities

  • Manage receipt and payment documents, cash balances, deposits.
  • Manage customer, customer liabilities.
  • Manage suppliers and supplier liabilities.


  • Hundreds of reports, statistics and analysis chart compiled from a survey of several customers.
  • All reports can be delivered in common file formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, etc


  • Well designed Software interface with user-friendly and convenient data imput screen


  • Use strong, safe and confidential database including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Set up periodical storage order, enehance satety for datatbase.
  • High confidential connection mechanism.


  • Define users and user groups
  • Record all update operations and modify each user's database in order to Database safety inspection.
  • Limit user's access right into program's function.
  • Entitle right to read report, statistics of each user.

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