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Setup network systems

Providing a full range of services for infrastructure information system quality, best meet the operational requirements and optimal utilization of resources. Services include: Assessment, planning, implementation, optimization and network infrastructure management for LAN / WAN / Wireless, systems, servers, workstations, peripherals, systems administrator, security full data ... for the information systems of all sizes and types of customers.

Consulting, design, implement LAN system

With knowledge and long experience in building internal LAN network, the services we provide to our customers to ensure compliance with the standards of modern LAN technology with the highest quality. Typical LAN system built on modern technology using IP or ATM switches, including three following scale:
  • Large network (Enterprise): There are number of network nodes from 800-1000 or more network nodes
  • The network medium (Medium): There are number of network nodes from 100-800 nodes
  • Small network (Small networks): There are number of network nodes < 100

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