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Setup of computer networks

Today each of us to work with computers to receive information from the World Wide Web internet browsing lookup search information, send mail, talk with friends and colleagues and so many other needs through network.

For work within the corporate bodies, we need to share information exchange, together and update operators use multiple databases of public agencies their units such as human resources, financial, technical documentation, technology, customer information, partner ...

To meet the demand, first of all need to have a computer network to connect with other internal computer and your internet connection to the network.

Technology design network installation

Internal computer network called LAN (Local Area Network) or the local network connection technology and information exchange data between computers in a limited geographic area (a room, 1 floor or 1, 2 buildings ...) using a combination of network equipment (hardware) and network protocol software. There are many models and technology network designed to connect the LAN to fit different requirements from the LAN using simple household and small companies, cable and interconnect technology to technology wireless, LAN model to extend the distance of tens of kilometers, and multi-layered LAN with speeds up to 1000 mbps. Engineering design and installation technology LAN constantly developing, growing investment costs low and efficiency increasing.

Design Services Our network installation

Duyen Khang Company has experience in network design, installation and set computer (LAN installation). We have a good team of technicians and skilled at networking certifications from Cisco CCNA Certification Networking and Designer of the Planet of the network design. We capture and update technical, network technology and the most advanced equipment to serve customers.

The package of services we offer to customers in designing the network installation

  •     Installation Services designed small-scale LAN switches and switch technology UTP cable connection or wireless connection.
  •     Design and installation of LAN extension using different technologies
  •     Design and installation of multi-layer LAN, high speed.

Especially designed for service packs installed LAN network scale, with the number of machines in the network under 25, we are providing our customers with the cost of installing the promotion are: 150 thousand VND / 1 button Network. The network equipment and accessories provided by us are genuine and the warranty of 1 year or more.

  •     We deployed service network design installation by standard procedures include the following steps:
  •     Field survey and customer requirements
  •     Propose solutions and network installation, design drafting customer request approval
  •     Contracted
  •     Perform network installation
  •     Test test and test network connectivity
  •     Commissioning of network use,
  •     Warranty and maintenance network

If your agency business network installation needs, please contact us, you will receive a free consultation about networking solutions and network installation services of high quality. Computers - Network equipment - IT equipment and 

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