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Manage the whole process of export – import – stock at unit.

  • Manage from the detailed to the general report on sales revenue at a specific time.
  • Manage items of receipt and expense and deliver report on cashbook.
  • Manage sales of each employee, store at a specific time
  • Manage the business profits on each trade product.
  • Warn you of the stock limitation
  • Warn you of products' sell-by-date (for consumable food)
  • Manage the detailed liabilities of each customer and supplier.
  • Be capable of reading and printing barcodes in different standards in the world.
  • Particularly, client can control a large range of their branches without their presence through remote internet data transmission over the network.

1.Catalogue management:

  • Goods and good category
  • Goods export – import price list
  • Supplier / customer
  • Currency unit
  • Invnetories, stores
  • Sale executive and marketing executive

2.Revenue management:

  • Per day revenue management
  • Per time revenue management
  • Detailed revenue management
  • Overall revenue management
  • Returned goods management
  • Report on separate employee's sales

3. Liabilities management:

Allows management of customer supplier liabilities in accordance with each document and selling price charged on each customer. For each item, the user can apply various selling price for different customers.

  • Per customer's liabilities management.
  • Schedule of customer's liabilities.
  • Summary of customer's  liabilities.
  • Summary of supplier's  liabilities.
  • Schedule of supplier's liabilities.
  • Customer Debit ticket.
  • Supplier debit ticket.

4. Cash management:

  • Overall receipt – expenditure management
  • Detailed receipt – expenditure management
  • Follow daily receipt- expenditure status.
  • Follow payment status for purchase liabilities of each supplier.
  • Follow collecting status of selling proceeds from customer.
  • Manage additional expense in accordance with expense items (lunch fees, electricity fees, water fees and telephone fees, etc)
  • Report daily journal of receipt – expense.
  • Report cash balance at each specific period.
  • List of balance
  • Cashbook

Manage detail information on sale

  • Follow sales of sales department/ sale executive/ areas/items/ item category/ service type.
  • Follow  detailed sales discount for each customer in many different  ways: payment discount, sales discount, minimal liabilities, etc,…
  • Set up promotion programs for each customer for each invoice at each specific time.
  • Folllow returned goods.
  • Follow sales operation by the method of cash, deferred payment or on-site collection, etc ...
  • Manage information of customer transactions: information on customer, purchase order and information othe quantity of goods sold out.
  • Revenue management.
  • Manage detailed goods and customer's liabilities.

Manage detailed information about goods purchase:

  • Follow purchasing arranged per item/ item category/ supplier/ warehouse.
  • Follow goods returned to the supplier (poor-quality or , faulty condition, etc)
  • Follow purchasing operation by the method of cash, transfer, deferred payment, etc

5. Promotion progam

Allows applying multiple deflation program, different discount rate (discount by percent or discount by specified amount of money, etc).

  • Offer promotion program in accordance with sector, item code, the supplier apply day by day deflation method.
  • Release internal credit cards, promotional cards, membership card which allows making payment by internal credit cards.

*  To customer using shopping card, the software will accumulate cumulative points for each customer, then apply deflation depending on each point level that customers got from the order invoices.

  • Accumulate point – revenue by using membership card
  • Accumulate point - revenue

6.Export – Import – Stock management

  • Update merchandise status, automatically inform manager of the merchandise status.
  • Print stock received docket, stock issued docket and  other export –import and stock dockets, etc
  • Manage merchant dise export – import and stock process and the internal rotation.
  • Follow and evaluate the stock status, quick or slow rotation.
  • Mange returned goods, faulty goods returned to the suppliers.
  • Inventory  report: detail records of merchant export – import – stock; synthetic records of merchandise export-import- stock;inventory report; stock received docket;stock issued docke.
  • Synthetically manage merchandise export – import – stock.
  • Specifically manage merchandise export – import
    • Stock management
    • Inventory tag

  * Stock warning: automatically give warning on the stock being under minimize level or over maximize level.

 7.Sell-by-date management

  • Specifically Manage information on sell-by-date of each importing cargo.
  • Give warning to customers before the expired date.


     * Automaticlaly draw up report on reveue by:

  • Period / quarter from date …to date…
  • Cashier
  • Counter
  • Item group,item category 

     * Deliver report on export- import – stock:

  • By particulwarehouse.
  • By particular item group , item category.
  • By particular item types.
  • By particular stock issued docket, stock received docket,…

     * Liabilities report:

  • By particular supplier and particular customer.
  • By each period / quarter or optional period.

     * Deliver report on item category beyond the minimum/maximum level storage : All those above mentioned report will be converted into excel format.

II. High performance, strict confidentiality

- Confidential function, backup duplication (back-up) and mange user by group or by professional (Using decentralization) helping enterprises reduce risk of data.

- Function keys system (shortcut key) in agreement to support the user in the process of data input, inspection and report.

- A quick comparasion and search tool.

- Create and Convert into MS Excel format.

III. User-friendly  interface , ease of study and ease of use

- With a simple design and Vietnamese interface it can get accustomed to software, save time, training cost and support for use.

- Using language: Vietnamese, English, bilingual language English-Vietnamese.


- Instruction for use: Our staff will directly visit our csutomer's office to give instruction for use. Consult about system design, declare primary index,  data security and condetiality, data input method, reports, data transfer, etc.

 - Materials: free of charges in writing or CD.

 - Support for use: upgrading new versions and materials. Support for use via telephone, fax, e-mail on-site user's place.

 - Warranty: provide warranty on program's errors within a period of 12 months from the date of software acceptance.

 - Update: the system is regularly updated with any changes and latest regulations of the relevant state agencies.

 - New version: constantly updated and upgraded.

 - Prompt support: Our own fully experienced support team in the relevant fields will be always willing to resolve alluser's in a pompt and enthusiastic manner during the software operation process via telephone, fax, e-mail or on site user's place.

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