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Surveillance solutions itinerary

Monitoring and management Objectives

  • Monitor location, speed and travelling route of vehicle
  • Strictly observe the fuel consumption process
  • Detect and timely tackle violation of stealing fuel
  • Effectively prevent issue of fuel drain
  • Submit detailed statistics and report the fleed's fuel using process in an objective manner
  • Help enterprise have a timely adjustment, suitable assessment and reduce loss

The system's schema

Schema interpretation:

(1): Means of transportation which is in need of management is embedded with routing monitoring equipment and fuel sensor. The terminal receives/transmits GPS signals from/to the satellite and record data on the route (including position, speed, travelling direction). Fuel sensor records data on fuel consumption.

(2): GPS data and fuel consumption data is transmitted to the Database centre through GPRS/3G mobile wave transmission line. Here, data is processed and displayed on the software system in connection with digital map on web background. Fuel management data is displayed visually in statistics report and visual schema.

(3): Information will be transmitted to manager via Internet or mobile wave. The manager observes and monitors vehicles through computer or mobile phone by logging in to the system's website.

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