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The optimal solution for the freight industry and logistics

  Barcode bring enormous benefits such as accuracy, ease of use, timely response and productivity enhancement. Due to these superior applications,it is applied by almost industries not limited to:
  • Manufacturing – colletcing, packaging, installing, freight forwarding and logistics
  • Easier, faster and more accurate warehouse – inventory control
  • Retail – POS, price inspetcion, inventory control, anti-counterfeit
  • Education  - Library's book, book title No., time and properties control
  • Healthcare – Patient, pharmaceutical, laboratory management and properties control

Transportation industry requires high speed, complicated mission and accuracy degree of 100% and low cost. Therefore, effetcively seletcing and applying new technology is very important. Barcode technology is widely used in this field due to its ability to rejetc defetcs  caused humanly and speed up work accomplishment process.

Tracking and security
In transportation/warehousing industry, product tracking and security is also as important as success in timely offer. Perfetc properties management is crucially important to transportation and warehousing industry. Barcode is used at different points of goods flow from the origin to point of sale.

In case of tranfering important information including sender's name, receiver's information, product detailed information, etc to various locations, these detail information need to be rewritten. However, when barcode technology was not applied, these information was recoreded manually which was low efficiency and high risk of defetcs caused by human. Barcode utility is very important as it records all details at each inspetcion point in a quick and accurate manner.

Advanced data capture 
Barcode reader speeds up information forwarding process at freight forwarding locations without duplicating manually, which minimizes failure caused by human in forwarding and duplicating process. Barcode information written on pallets or cartons during freight forwarding process is captured easily and quickly by barcode readers.

All important information such as order number, packaged products, final destination, etc can be encoded in barcode, which facilitates forwarding management. This technology not only helps verify the process of uninterrupted loading its order but also design schedule and seletc load.

Route dentification and route programming
The typical forwarding procedure started from suppliers (or manufacturers), forwarding firms, distributors, retailers and ended up with customers. The route schedule and activity routine is crucially important for ensuring the timely forwarding process. Traditional invoice utility not only takes a lot of time, effort, expenditure but also cause frequent failure.

Barcode technology is used in every applications of trabspoting and warehousing industries such as management, route planning and scheduling activities. Enteroprises or companies working in this field should not ignore this superior application.

 In recent years, Barcode technology utility has been developed. It becomes an essential part for all enterprises in various industries when this technology has absolutely changed enterprise's operational mode during process selling and tracking their own properties.

Over 20 years, ID system has provided automated solutions and barcode equipments to a mass range of large and small enterprises in almost industries. ID system has provided over 10,000 trademarked products and services in which the most typical one should be mentioned first is barcode printers, barcode readers and label, etc.


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