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Code: CD4141
The CD4141 is one of our most cost effective cash drawers. Its low price, all steel construction and compact size makes it the ideal cash drawer for small retailers and restaurants. Available in beige or black.
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Code: 256358
Characteristics:slightly translucent white paper, tear off, surface smooth. The component isbuilt in ink, toner, when combined with Wax, Wax / Resin for beautiful print quality
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Code: 568964
PlusCharacteristics: slightly translucent white paper, tear off, surface smooth, dark when thermal effects. Direct thermal printing of the print head does not approve the ribbon.
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Code: 89546
Characteristics: long, hard, tearing and tearing, lustrous silver or gold (many kind). Resin ink used toprint good quality, no fade, no scratches, ... Especially to print labels in the field of electricity, electronics, refrigerat..
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Code: 35567
Characteristics: slightly ivory white paper, not tear tear (one or two dimensional), smooth surface. Use good ink Wax,Wax / Resin for beautiful print quality, high skid ...
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Code: 455667
Characteristics: white opaque paper, tear, slightly rough surface. Use good ink Wax,Wax / Resin for beautiful print quality, high skid ... Used in the garment industry, booksellers, transport ....
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Code: 67544
Along with paper decal material, aluminum stamps, many specifications, the size parameters used in barcodes, product content, are widely used in bookstores, supermarkets, pricing labels, libraries, hospitals, enterprise companies,..
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Code: 45675
Thermal paper rolls in all kinds of standards are szie 80mm * 30m, 80mm * 50m, 80mm * 80m, ... Used to print the invoice, the report card, ATM systems, ...
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Code: 87568
Paper needles in all sizes, 1 link, 2 link.
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Code: CD510
Being used to display information at cash transaction in stores and supermarkets.
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